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Box - Recipe F3


Unit: Ea

We plan, pack, and deliver — you cook and enjoy! This box contains a recipe and all of the primary ingredients you will need for assembling a healthy main dish for about six people. Substitutions are not allowed for this box.

Kale and Sweet Potato Stew 

As everyone knows, greens are good for you, and with its high calcium content, kale is a standout. In this stew, the deep greens contrasted with the yellow of the squash and the orange of the sweet potato, makes this an attractive and nourishing dish.

Serves about 6

1 tablespoon olive oil*
1 medium-large red onion, chopped
2 to 3 cloves garlic, minced
2 pounds garnet sweet potatoes, peeled and diced
32-ounce carton vegetable broth
(or 4 cups water with 2 vegetable bouillon cubes)
1 bunch kale
1/2 pound zucchini, diced
(remove seedy parts if desired)
1 to 2 jalapeño peppers, seeded and minced, optional
3 medium ripe tomatoes, diced
2 teaspoons ground cumin*
2 teaspoons dried oregano*                                                                      
2 teaspoons chili powder*
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste*
1/4 cup minced fresh cilantro or parsley, or more, to taste
Hot cooked brown rice or quinoa, to serve as a side (see package for directions)

*not included in box