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Eggs, 1 doz.


Unit: Ea

Naturally Organic Eggs

Produced by National Foods Corporation, Arlington WA.

About the eggs: " As the leading producer of organic eggs in the beautiful Northwest, National Food Corporation understands the importance of sustainable, natural, organic and regional egg production. With more than 50 years of dedicated experience, our family-run business produces locally for customers of the great Northwest. As a producer of eggs and egg products, we recognize the significance in sustainable packaging. Shell egg cartons are made from 100 percent recycled content, while our egg product packaging creates less waste and improves utilization. Focusing consistently toward exceeding the standards of cage-free and organic production, we always adhere to our long-standing tradition of quality and service.

Our chickens nest in a newly remodeled cage-free environment in farms that are fully certified organic by the Washington State Department of Agriculture, while enjoying certified organic feed. A vegetarian diet of Certified Organic grain is fed to our chickens of which we take special care to ensure they are naturally treated without hormones, stimulants or steroids. To further our responsibility toward managing all of our chickens with the highest level of welfare, National Food Corporation is proud to be a part of the United Egg Certified Producers to show our compliance with United Egg Producers' animal husbandry guidelines.

Without a doubt, the Northwest is a beautiful place to live. Our green efforts at National Food Corporation maintain and enhance this beauty through local, natural and organic production."