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Beef for June - 0.50 Share Deposit


Unit: Ea
Frequency: Once

Local Grass-fed Beef

If you are interested in providing yourself and your family with a healthy alternative to conventional feedlot beef, then Klesick’s grass-fed beef program is for you. Our cattle have no added hormones, they are free from antibiotics for at least one year*, raised and finished on quality grass pasture, and moved often to maintain their health and the health of our pastures. Not only is this grass-fed beef good for you, but it has also scored high in a WSU taste test and received raving reports from our customers.

Program Schedule

January – We start accepting beef orders. Shares are limited and so orders are on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders are not secured until the deposit is received.

June, August or October – You have three options for when to pick up your beef: June, August or October. A month before it is ready, the meat shop will contact you to discuss how you would like your beef cut and wrapped. Approximately three weeks later, your beef will be ready for you to pick up at the meat shop (we do not deliver the beef). Klesick will also contact you to notify you of any remaining balance due for your share.

Cost Breakdown

Klesick costs – You will pay Klesick $3.50/lb. for the hanging weight. Hanging weight refers to the weight of your share before it is cut and wrapped. All of your costs are based on the hanging weight. So, if you buy a ¼ share of beef the average hanging weight is around 175 lbs. Therefore, an estimate of what you might owe Klesick for a ¼ share of beef is $3.50 x 175 lbs. = $612.50

In order to reserve your share of beef you will pay Klesick a deposit of $325 per ¼ share. So, if you order a ½ share of beef your deposit will be $650. Once we know the final hanging weight of your share of beef (in June, August, or October), we will be able to calculate any remaining balance you may owe to Klesick, which you would pay at that time.

Meat shop costs – The meat shop fees are separate from what you will pay Klesick. You will pay the meat shop directly for their cutting and wrapping service when you pick up your beef. The meat shop charges a separate processing fee of $17.50 per ¼ share, plus a cutting and wrapping fee of $0.60/lb. So, an estimate of what you might owe them for a ¼ share of beef is $17.50 + ($0.60 x 175 lbs.) = $122.50. (Please note that meat shop costs may change after the publication of this document.)

Cost summary – In summary, there are a total of three payments with your order: 1) the deposit to Klesick, which reserves your share, 2) the final balance due to Klesick, which will be calculated when your share is processed in June, August, or October, and 3) the separate payment you will make to the meat shop when you pick up your beef, for their cutting and wrapping services.

In the end – What you will bring home is approximately 65% of the hanging weight of your share. 65% of 175 lbs. equals 113.75 lbs. of actual cut and wrapped beef per ¼ share. With all costs considered, your estimated total cost for a ¼ share of beef (113.75 lbs. of beef) will be $612.50 to Klesick + $122.50 to the meat shop = $735. This, divided by the average 113.75 lbs. of finished cut and wrapped meat, means that you would have brought home local all natural grass-fed beef at a cost of only $6.46/lb. This is a competitive price for ground beef and an exceptional price for the premium cuts.

How to Order

Decide how much you want – The beef is sold by the share:  ¼ beef, ½ beef, ¾ beef, or 1 whole beef. A ¼ share of beef will fill two shelves of a large upright freezer.

Place your order – You can order and pay online or over the phone. To order online: from our Home page, select the Products category, then select Meat, then Beef, and then order the share for the month and size you want. During the online order checkout process, when asked to select the delivery date, just select the default date, as the delivery date does not matter for this product, since this is just a reservation for your order. Once your order is complete, your account will be invoiced for the deposit and your share will be reserved. Your order is not secured until the deposit is received.

Please note: If you are a current produce customer and you are set up for us to automatically charge your credit/debit card for your produce deliveries, if you order your beef online but do not pay online at that moment, your card will be automatically charged on your next scheduled billing cycle.

Cancelling your order – Please understand that if you decide to cancel your order we will make every effort to find another buyer for your share. If we are able to find another buyer we will gladly refund your deposit; however, if we are unable to find another buyer your deposit cannot be refunded.

*Because some of our cows are purchased as calves at auction, we cannot guarantee that they were not treated with antibiotics before we received them. However, we can guarantee that none of the animals we sell to our customers have been treated with antibiotics after we received them. The calves are purchased at about 6 months of age and are butchered between 18-24 months of age, so they are on our fields 12-18 months guaranteed free from antibiotics.